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8/27/07 02:07 pm - immecrazyhead - Answers

Hey guys. Sorry I forgot to post a prompt for you last week. I'm gonna try to post every Monday. If I don't, feel free to steal my hair clips and make a sculpture/mobile out of them. So...

Try this!

The next time someone makes a statement that you're curious about, say "Why?". Keep asking simply "Why?"(even if you know the answer) until that person can no longer come up with an answer, then reply with that final answer. And don't explain it, just quote it.
Warning: Make sure your answerer...er, is a patient person before you start on them.

Sound stupid? I really don't care. I wanna know.

8/17/07 09:48 pm - immecrazyhead - Cherubim

Going through the Bible for the first time this year, I hit the book of Ezekiel a few days ago. And since I read about them I've been compelled to somehow depict the cherubim or "four creatures" described in the first chapter. I feel desperate really, because it just seems like such an awesome sight, there's nothing I would love to draw or paint more. Actually I'd consider learning to sculpt just to do this, and even that wouldn't do it justice. But I can't tell whether or not this desire is coming from God or me or the devil or what. I mean, I'm sure there are tons of people who've wanted to depict this scene, but maybe they've held back because they know it was given a WRITTEN description for a reason. I'm remembering the snake sculpture that God gave the Israelites to cure their poisonous bites, how years later they ended up turning it into yet another one of their idols. These things are also weighing heavily on my mind because I just finished "Amusing Ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman, along with starting up a book for school about the history of language, I'm beginning to see how hard God worked to develop this wondrous medium which we call writing, and what it's implications are (as opposed to images). I've done several pieces of artwork with Jesus or Mary as the subject, but decided awhile ago to put any more on hold until I finish reading the Bible. I think I'm gonna have to do the same for this one.

I guess my question to you is, (in your opinion) if I took this on, would it give God glory by (in however small a measure) revealing his beauty, or would it just make him disgusted at my attempt to depict something heavenly using worldly images? For that matter, what does he think of our depictions of Him?

There. Have it at it, folks.

8/13/07 06:08 pm - immecrazyhead - Mini meme: Either--Or

Ok, I think I've decided to do some mixture of the weekly post ideas, at your suggestions. Thanks for the input, guys :)

Starting out with a mini-meme. You can answer all of it or part of it, depending on what your interests are.


1. Drawing or painting?

2. Pie or cake?

3. Mac or Windows?

4. Sony or Nintendo?

5. Pen or pencil?

6. Urban or rural?

7. Vocal or instrumental?

8/13/07 10:34 am - immecrazyhead - *poke*

It seems you guys need a prompt. A friend of mine suggested that I make some kind of regular weekly post to get you all talking, which I think is a good idea. I had some other ideas for weekly posts too, so I'd like your feedback. Here are a few options:

1. a sort of mini-meme each week that we can all answer by replying.

2. an artist spotlight: I'll give info on an artist or musician (or piece or song) that I really like currently.

3. a freebie sort of thing with links to art, wallpapers, music downloads, recipes, etc.

4. one debate style prompt question regarding the arts or media, or Christianity.

5. a post where I invite people to make posts of a certain genre, such as drawing, painting, poetry, short story, photograph, recipe, song, etc.

[Edit] one more: I give you a subject to write about, or an artistic medium or technique to try, and you post the result.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you like one or all of these ideas? Have any other ones?


2/9/08 09:54 pm - godisenough4me - Very Sad News

I have some awful news, and would greatly appreciate prayers from everyone! Last year during our homeschool co-op my friends, siblings and I started making care packages, cards and letters for another homeschooling family's son, Jaron, who was serving in Iraq. The family has Eight kids, and the mother, Kelly, found out recently that she has breast cancer and the chemo she just started is really rough.

Anyway, I received an email today that on Friday the chemo was really wearing her down, so some friends have started a fund to help send the kids to a Private Christian school for a while, until she gets on her feet.

Then Saturday morning, they found out that Jaron had been killed in combat.

My heart aches for this family so much. The whole thing makes me feel so awful! I even met the family once, which makes the situation more depressing on my part. I feel so sorry for them, although it is good that Jaron can be with his Heavenly Father now. This was God's timing, I guess, but will you please join with me in prayer praying for peace for the rest of the family?

My heart is breaking for this family, and I'm sure there are MANY families going through very awful things like this, and it makes me feel so dumb, when I complain and moan about little aggravating things in my life. I should be praising God, on my knees and thankful all of the time!

Heavy Sigh.

8/7/07 04:35 pm - immecrazyhead

I'm having fun messing around with Photoshop before school starts. Still haven't learned how to do the most important stuff, but using Photoshop combined with other programs kind of let's me get around the things I don't know how to do yet.
Any other gamers out there? I didn't used to be, but I can't really avoid it with my programmer fiance around... Actually fighting games are the only one's I've always like anyway. This is a drawing inspired by one of my custom characters on Soul Calibur 3:

7/28/07 10:35 am - vgtad - Passion of the Christ Movie Promo Buttons FOR SALE!

FOR SALE: 3 Passion of the Christ movie promotion collector's buttons! 


7/27/07 09:57 am - spookygrrrly - Hi Everyone! :)

I just found this group yesterday and just wanted to add my intro and say hi.

How old are you...in your mind? A lot of days: 5 Too many days: 50 Actual age:32

Where are you from? Grew up in Newark, DE and lived 10 years in Raleigh, NC

Where do you live right now? Seattle, Wa

What are your creative interests? painting, collage, mixed media, shrine building, drawing, pen and ink, colored pencil, knitting, crochet and sewing

Other interests? religion, Catholicism, horror movies, spooky stuff, hello kitty, japanese culture (both old and new), tattoos....way way a lot of stuff...much more is on my profile

What is your profession/what are you going to school for? I'm a hairstylist at a art and music inspired barbershop

Favourite movies?/TV shows:

Movies: Alice in Wonderland (disney), Better Off Dead, Evil Dead, Halloween, Clerks, Talladega Nights, Nightmare Before Christmas

TV Shows: BSG, Eureka, House, Psyche, Monk, Law and Order (all varieties), Heros

Favourite band or musician? I listen to so many different types of music I don't really think I have room to list them out. I like everything from Eartha Kitt to Skinny Puppy, Johnny Cash to Classical.

Favourite artist: Lichenstein, Dali, Catholic icongraphy, Stan Lee

Favourite poet or writer: C.S. Lewis, Christopher Moore, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King...ect...

Favourite photographer: Don't have one

Favourite style of digital art: No idea

Favourite cartoon character: Hello Kitty

Tools of the Trade: acrylics, colored pencils, pens, charcoal, ephemera, pencil, pastels, crayon, glue, glitter...really just about anything can become a tool or an art piece

7/17/07 05:53 pm - immecrazyhead - Creative quiz

I don't know if this is true or not, but if it is, it's veeeery interesting.

Worried you may not be creative or you may not be creative enough?

Okay, this was a bit of a trick. But it's true. How creative you think you are corresponds with how creative you really are.

A couple of studies illustrate this. A big company wanted to increase creativity in its employees. So it hired a group of consultants to come in. The consultants started by thoroughly testing all of the employees. They discovered the only difference between the employees who were creative and those who weren't was this: Creative people believed they were creative and less creative people believed they weren't.

Even more telling was what happened to the group that wasn't creative. The consultants focused on helping them nurture their creativity. At the end, those employees were actually more creative than the ones who had initially considered themselves creative.

And that means you too can become more creative. In fact, how creative you become is entirely in your own hands.

I'm not sure if this is true or not. I notice differences in the way "right brain" and "left brain" people think and view the world all the time. Just now as I checked the mail I noticed a tree with some Ivy near my apartment and started setting it up as a painting in my head. Then again, maybe I'm just doing that because I've painted before, and maybe I paint because I think I'm creative. But the only reason I can think of why I'd think that is because my mom is creative. Surely, not every artist has an artist-mom? What then, is the factor that makes some people think themselves creative, and others not, without a reason? I still hold the view that God created each of us with dispositions toward certain activities. That inclination causes us to practice those activities, the more we practice the better we become at them, the better we become at them the more inclined we are toward them.  Hm...what do you think?


7/16/07 06:34 pm - immecrazyhead - Washington

This is a collage I made using mine and my mom's nature photography here in Washington state. The scenery here is so beautiful, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy it! 8D (click to expand).
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