Bladed Spear (7th_chord) wrote in image_of_god,
Bladed Spear

How old are you? 23

How old are your mind? 40.

Where are you from? Singapore.

What are your creative interests? Troll-slaying and all round literary terrorism. I metaphorically steal flags, deface walls, and widdle on their best carpets. 

Other interests? Eating strange and unhealthy food. Studying is actually fun for me, if I happen to find the topic at hand interesting enough.

What is your profession/what are you going to school for? I am a magician professionally. I turn things to words and words to things; the rabbit out of the hat, and the hat out of the rabbit. I am Studying, BA English from Goldsmith college, distance learning from Stansfield. 

Favourite movies/producers? Recently, V for Vendetta, 300, Nighmare Before Christmas, Ratatouille. 

Favourite band or musician? None. I am more partial to praise than worship.

Favourite artist: None.

Favourite poet or writer: Terry Pratchett, David Gemmel, Dante Aligieri (just cos he set the trend), Lewis, Oscar Wilde.

Favourite style or digital art: I am a chameleon, so all styles are almost as one style. More partial to magic realism written in archaic than anything else.

Favourite cartoon character: No favorites.

Personal Quote: "Don't worry about hypocrites in Church. There's always room for one more."

Tools of the Trade: All writing instruments, almost all surfaces not protected against vandalism.

Came here looking for book illustrators. 

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